Definitively Ranking Every Arnott's Biscuit

Jun. 14, 2021

One of my favourite questions to ask to get to know new people is: “What’s your favourite Arnott’s biscuit?"

I love it for a number of reasons.

  1. First of all, just about every Australian is familiar with the premise. Whether it’s a family get-together, lunchbox snack, or just movie food, Arnott’s is one of those brands that has so effectively permeated into the national conscience.

  2. Second, it’s easy to find diverse opinions. Some people love the cream-filled Monte Carlo, but dislike the crumbly Scotch Finger. Maybe to you, Arnott’s means Shapes or Tim Tams, which both have their own fierce debates for the best within each product family.

  3. And last, it ultimately doesn’t matter. While that does make me seem insane to invest so much time into this, I choose to ignore that point. Seeing people get passionte arguing about why Chicken Crimpy is better than Cheddar (obviously), or why Delta Creams are overrated, is just plain fun.

As you can guess, I’ve asked this question a lot over the years. I’ve met people who think the Lemon Crisp 🤢🤮 is actually a good biscuit, let alone the best in the Assorted Creams pack, which still shocks me.

My goal is to review every Arnott’s biscuit I can get my hand on - the classic Family Pack, Shapes, and the thousands of Tim Tam variants are all included. For years I’ve maintained a Definitive Ranking in my phone’s notes, and here I hope to finalise and publish that long-standing tradition.

You can find all of my Arnott’s reviews here, and I do hope you’ll follow along.