6 Jan, 2024

The ✨ Magic ✨ of Tailscale

Have you heard the good news? About peer-to-peer virtual mesh networking?

23 Feb, 2023

Splunk is a Game Engine, Actually

Maybe you’ve used Splunk day-to-day before, but have you ever really abused it?

10 Nov, 2022

Github Actions: How To Check an Index File was Updated

I... am forgetful, and need a reminder to update my biscuit ranking every now and then. How can we achieve that with CI/CD automation?

23 Feb, 2022

The Trouble With _time: Better Splunk Search Scheduling with _index_earliest

You’ve lovingly crafted a new, bespoke Splunk search. How do you schedule it?

11 Jan, 2022

Podqueue - a simple podcast archiver, written in Python

podqueue is a simple Python script to archive your favourite podcasts.

7 Oct, 2021

How I Build This Site: Working with Hugo on WSL

I build the test environment for this site on WSL - which comes with it’s own quirks and features working with Hugo.

25 Jun, 2021

Exploring Splunk's v8 New PREFIX

Starting with Splunk 8, the powerful new PREFIX ability has been added, which is a game-changer for speeding up your searches.

14 Jun, 2021

Definitively Ranking Every Arnott's Biscuit

One of my favourite questions to ask to get to know new people is: “What’s your favourite Arnott’s biscuit?"

I love it for a number of reasons.