Being a rough-looking biscuit gives the Venetian the look of a made-with-love homemade snack.


Asking the big question to a co-worker recently where they mentioned this was their favourite, I was surprised to find I’d never tried it before. Currant bickies don’t jump off the shelf to me, but this underrated packet is certain worth trying.

Covered with a decadent layer of white chocolate, Arnott’s Venetian biscuits are loaded with coconut and currants for an indulgent afternoon treat.


The Venetian (which I keep thinking is called Venusian) is an imperfect biscuit. Unlike, say, the perfectly embossed Custard Cream or many other Arnott’s sweet biscuits that arrived perfectly molded, the Venetian appears homemade, which gives it this quaint aesthetic that suits a book and a cup of tea well.

As far as the actual taste is concerned, Arnott’s notes that this is white chocolate poured over a coconut base, but I get a strong sense of condensed milk (and who doesn’t scoop out the rest of the tin when there’s leftovers in your baking?). Overall, this is pleasant, but maybe not particularly notable. As I kept delaying this review, I ended up buying three packets of these in the last two weeks planning to finish it, and I can’t say that I regret that choice. In itself, that may be enough praise to convince you to try the underrated Venetian.