Tim Tam, Butterscotch & Cream

Winner of the popularity contest.


Did you know there was an Arnotts vote to introduce a new Tim Tam variant? Somehow, which I am ashamed to say, I missed it completely! It happened in April, and was a choice between the Butterscotch & Cream we recieved and the proposed Tim Tam, Dark Choc Espresso Martini, which I can’t say I’m too upset about the result of - particularly since we just had a new Coffee-flavoured bickie introduced anyway.

You Voted! Arnott’s Tim Tam Butterscotch and Cream is made with irresistible real chocolate. The most irresistible chocolate biscuit. Only available in Coles.

What to Expect from Tam Tam Butterscotch & Cream: Rich brown sugar and toffee notes paired with a creamy blend of buttery smooth butterscotch cream, all coated in delicious milk chocolate.


Before we delve into opinions, there is another unique aspect to this review beyond the vote results: this was a requested review by my very own sibling. I will very happily accomodate such requests when they come with the Tim Tams free of charge 😉!

Okay, okay, enough pre-roll: how are they? Good. Butterscotch is a great flavour, and it’s not over-used in general; it still carries a novelty that makes it fun every time you encounter it. Doesn’t it remind you of a Werther’s Original, a brand seemingly marketed exclusively to old grandpas? And my sibling’s opinion:

“I’m not a big Tim Tam fan, but this I enjoy.”

High praise indeed.