TeeVee Snacks, Krispy Kreme Strawberry Sprinkles

I feel like I can sum this review up with a single, well-known image:


I jest, mostly. But it does taste as I’d expect a fluorescent-coloured donut would - sugar central.


Before I launch into anything negative though, I’ll start with some praise: aesthetically, I think these are the best of the Krispy Kreme bunch. They’re attention-grabbing, and the novelty of a donut-shaped biscuit still hasn’t worn off yet at review number two.

Arnott’s teeVee Snacks Biscuits Strawberry Sprinkles was inspired by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

I’m sure there’s a large group of people would would love these, but they’re simply too sweet for me. These would be a hit at a children’s birthday pary, for sure, but I don’t plan on picking these up again.