TeeVee Snacks, Krispy Kreme Mocha

Back by popular request, by my number one fan.


If you recall your biscuit review lore – (what am I, the VaatiVidya of Arnott’s bickies?) – I did tease the existence of these during the Lemon variety’s review. And in fact, this review comes by request (alas, the Tinas in the cupboard will have to wait for another day).

TeeVee Snacks Mocha inspired by Krispy Kreme doughnuts.


Well, that’s a pretty drab description :(

So, let’s get to it. Coffee-flavoured biscuits, in general, sound like a promising concept. Coffee snacks are a relatively common occurence, from International Roast tiramisssssssssu to … sweaty cheese? Well, let’s hope these land on the Blue Ribbon side of that spectrum. So far, the Krispy Kreme collection has been pretty hit-or-miss on this list; the Caramel Delight cracked into the top ten, while the Strawberry Sprinkle is one of the worst, with the rest pretty evenly in between.

Ultimately, these didn’t quite live up to my hopes. I like the flavour, it’s just a little mild for my tastes; not as strong as I had hoped. It doesn’t offend, but nor does it impress, either. I will admit, I am a heathen that likes my coffee in a milk variety, not black or espresso. But even still, I wanted something a little more from these. That places them, ultimately, in the middle of the pack.

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.