TeeVee Snacks, Krispy Kreme Choc Iced

The penultimate review in the Krispy Kreme collaboration is not the ultimate in ranking.


The choc biscuits, alongside the Original Glazed, are the least aesthetically interesting out of the bunch, and I feel that unfortunately carries over to their flavour, too.

Arnott’s teeVee Snacks Choc Iced was inspired by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.


Overall, these are fine, but just a little boring. They share in the same sin as the Delta Cream in my eyes, and that is to play their cards too safely. There is little challenge or excitment in a cocoa biscuit, and stamping a hole in the middle as part of a marketing stunt does little counteract that negative force. It’s hard to blame a biscuit for being chocolate over a sweet crumb; as they say, ‘No one ever got fired for buying IBM.'

With just Kookies and Kreme to go, we will have to see how the final order shakes out in this mini-series.