Snack Right Pillow

What if we had a sugary biscuit… but market it as “healthy”?


And what is “healthy”, anyway? This real fruit! pillow –

    (sidebar: I love the name Pillow. It’s just so delightful!)

– has more sugar in it per gram than the Raspberry Shortcake, my beloved - coming in at 47g/100g compared to the Shortcake’s 31.6g/100g. Yes, perhaps some of that is ‘natural fructose’ rather than artificial, but given that added sugar is listed as the third-most common ingredient separate from the fruits, I’m inclinded to believe that for kids = drenched in sugar in product designers' minds.


A delicious fruit biscuit you can feel good about! Arnott’s Snack Right slices are lightly baked with wholesome ingredients like sultanas and berries to strike the perfect balance of sweet, healthy and satisfying.


But anyway, I digress from my tirade. Marketing points aside, this is a good bickie. Aesthetically, they have this cute concave side structure like a bow-tie, with a smooth and undecorated top; this does feel like a missed opportunity for something whimsical moulded into the face. Their outer casing is a lot thicker than you might expect, which gives a surprisingly good crunch factor. That immediately meets the squishy fruit center, which is close in texture to a thick preserve or jam, but has a really punchy flavour.

To get down to business: it’s good. It’s hard to really be too harsh on a product expressly designed for children. Sure, it’s not as nuanced or complex as the profile of a Monte Carlo, but… it’s for kids, and for that given purpose, it does well.

Perhaps the most concentrated review: you’d be happy if this was in your lunchbox.