Scotch Finger, Chop Chip

This is the weirdest flavour mash-up I’ve seen so far, and even more shocking, I actually like them.


I haven’t covered the original Scotch Fingers yet, but in brief: deliciously crumbly and perfect with a cuppa. Now, I’m not sure which bright spark in the product development team at Arnott’s said ‘these shortbreads need chocolate chip land mines to spice things up,’ but – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – it actually works.

Experience the unbeatable deliciousness of the original Scotch Finger, preferred for its melt-in-the-mouth crumbliness and heavenly buttery taste, but with the added bonus of choc chip pieces!


Chocolate shortbread does exist, of course, but this is a different product. What makes it distinct, I think, is not even the flavour, but the texture instead. Shortbread, rather iconically, must be shortened; that is, unleavened and crumbly. Traditional chocolate shortbread of course fulfills this criteria, but these Arnott’s bickies have an added crunchiness in the chocolate chips. I expected them to be softer, like a cookie, but you will certainly notice it when you hit one in a bite.

So what do I think of these? They are weird. I want to meet whoever came up with them. But, that does not exclude them from being good. They’re not going to top the definitive list, but I can see them comfortably in the middle of the pack. They carry the delicious taste of the usual Scotch Finger, with a novelty factor that hasn’t worn off so far in a few packets.