Royals, Milk Chocolate

News to me that there was ever a Dark Chocolate verison of these - stay tuned for that one if I can ever find them, I guess.


Out of the gate, these are delicious. We’re looking at practically a full-sized marshmallow on a soft biscuit layer, coated in a fairly thin layer of hardened chocolate that cracks satisfyingly under a bite. Oh, and it wouldn’t be an Arnott’s biscuit if they didn’t include a film of raspberry flavoured jam somewhere – seriously, this is fairly ridiculous, and I love it.

Delicious biscuit with a raspberry layer and a marshmallow filling, coated in Arnott’s real chocolate.

These things are incredibly light. The biscuit isn’t dense, and in combination with a primary component being known for its ‘lighter than air’ property, it’s easy to forget how many of these you’ve eaten. They’re also very sweet. While I can’t talk to the dark chocolate variety yet, the milks are slightly overdoing it, and I think the choice to omit the jam in the dark chocolate versions may be a winning move.

I am a fan of these. Since they’re on the less popular side of the biscuit diorama, they’re a delightful reminder of their own existence whenever they are offered to you. Overall, I would suggest they rate above average, but not excessively so - a B on an arbitrary scale.