Obsession, Salted Caramel

Obsession Round Two: Overpriced Boogaloo.


Happy New Year! New year, new biscuits, same me. On the chopping block today is the second in the Obsession series – which has been significantly delayed due to my absolute refusal to pay full price for these, purely out of principle.

A decadent chocolate biscuit, with a luscious, salted caramel filling and caramel crisps, smothered in dark chocolate. Arnott’s Obsession Salted Caramel Biscuits are perfect for your moment of after dark indulgence.


But enough about silly things like value propositions and the dimishing value of a dollar! I raved far too long about how ridiculously not-worth-it these Obsessions are in the first Mint Chocolate review, so let’s agree to take that as a given and move forwards with our lives so I don’t feel the need to regurgitate my sentiments again.

So down to brass tacks; what’s it like? It’s intruiging at the very least. The skyscraper thickness of this bickie class gives a lot of room to work with, and they do make use of it by combining elements that you simply don’t see in the heterogeneity of most Tim-Tams. In this case, you start with a very crunchy base, a surrounding nougat filling, and a core of soft caramel. Add to that the common element across this category, the chips – here, obviously, being chips of salted caramel. And I will be honest, they add a lot more to the final product than I might have expected. Having the textural difference, the sudden pang of salt smoothed by a deep dark chocolate, brings a good kind of variety.

I’ve never professed to be the biggest dark chocolate lover in the world, but I do have a soft spot for a good caramel, and that these are. A Caramel Crown in comparison would now feel underwhelming, I suspect. They rank highly – but still with a smear on their reputation.