Obsession, Mint Chocolate

“It’s one banana Michael, what could it cost? Ten dollars?"


After a seasonal hiatus, I’m back baby! And this time I’m coming in swinging. The Obsession range is not news, being in fact nearly eight months old at this point. Still, I had avoided them until now because they are: A) more expensive in comparison to Arnott’s typical range, and B) there were no stand-out flavours compelling me to try. But as these have started to go on sale now, let’s begin the journey.

A decadent chocolate biscuit, with a luscious, dark filling and crispy mint chips, smothered in milk chocolate. Arnott’s Obsession Mint Chocolate Biscuits are perfect for your moment of after dark indulgence.


So, as the first in this inevitable series, we do need to cover some basic grounds: what is an “Obesssion”? Well, when boiled down to its core, it is a chunky, crunchy, funky, and fancy Tim Tam in essense. And, perhaps most importantly, how many do you get per box, you might quite rightly ask? Six biscuits.

For 20% more cost, you get... 40% or 45% less biscuit, depending how you measure it. Which, quite frankly, if I didn’t have a neurotic compulsion to complete the set, that would probably be enough to discourage me from going any further. A singular biscuit costing 90¢ to a Mint Slice’s 34¢ or the Woolies-brand’s 15¢ feels like a slap in the face. We’re talking about biscuits here, people, not Koenigseggs.

I think it’s fair to say I have waffled enough by now, and we need to get down to specifics: Mint! You would not be surprised to hear I have an affinity to the flavour (to the dismay of my family who argues Mint Slice should not rank as highly as it does in this endeavour). And this is an interesting mint approach, not a generic white paste applied through clinical silicone nozzle. You have the introduction of emerald-green Mint Chips for texture, much like the Peppermint Crisp slice my mum taught me to bake. With a slightly gooey chocolate coating, this would pretty easily be considered a better Mint Slice in most aspects that would rank quite high.

But I refuse! The attrocious return-on-investment sours these to the point they’re difficult to reccomend, but given their “premium” branding I doubt we’ll see them drop anytime soon. Maybe they will remain a delicious if distant surprise for treat-myself evenings, and probably fade into obscurity in the not-too-distant future.