Mint Slice

I cannot resist scraping the cream off each biscuit in a bizarre deconstruction compulsion.


I do the same thing with Oreos. Any hard, snappable biscuit with cream is an irresistible temptation to eat layer by layer.

Regardless, I suspect that the Mint Slice may be a controversial pick no matter where I place it. It’s certainly predicated on the assumption that you enjoy mint, which is not a constant. I remember a high school teacher of mine despised them, which is about the worst thing you could tell a group of budding adolescents; they ended with many packets on their desk by the end of the year.

Crunchy biscuit with a layer of real mint cream, coated in Arnott’s delicious real chocolate. Crafted for your indulgence pleasure.

Given that disclaimer, I do think this is an very enjoyable biscuit. If anything, the chocolate may be a little rich, perhaps due to combining the coating with the cocoa-heavy biscuit, but it is an excellent treat nonetheless.