Iced VoVo, Lamington

If you asked me for the most iconic Australian recipies, along with pavlova and vegemite, the lamington would definitely make the cut.


But, as much as I hate to say it, this combination just doesn’t work for me.

I love Iced VoVos. The soft biscuit base, marshmallow, coconut, raspberry jam - it is iconic. Lamingtons are great too. Cocoa and coconut are a good couple, phonetically and culinarily.

This dessert inspired biscuit combines two icons with Iced VoVo and the famous Australian Lamington. The delicious biscuit base is topped with chocolate fondant and has a jammy raspberry topping – all sprinkled with coconut.


I just don’t think they nailed the combination on this one. I find the cocoa a bit overpowering, and there’s little left of the Iced VoVo essence beyond the physical appearance. It’s still a good biscuit, and I’d be happy to have them again, but it’s never my first choice.

While I love the idea here, I think a different biscuit may have been a better fit for the lamington flavour. Add a bit of coconut to the Creamy Chocolate, and I think you’d have an outstanding winner.