Caramel Crown

C h e w e y.


I have a bit of a history with these. A friend thought they were one of the best, and I was fairly skeptical until I had them. I’m still waiting to live that down some day, because I was wrong - these are an excellent bickie.

Caramel can be a divisive flavour sometimes (especially in its salted form, which this is not), but I would expect this to be a well-liked biscuit. These are so chewey, with that caramel stringing across in the best possible way.

Coated in Arnott’s real chocolate, Caramel Crowns have a layer of biscuit and delicious gooey caramel for a melt in the mouth experience.


The milk chocolate is sweet, which balances things well to avoid leaning too heavily into sweet or biting. Also, the small detail of the traced lines over the top of the Caramel Crown gives it a touch of visual personality - I suspect this was done to avoid it being confused with the Mint Slice, which would otherwise be indistinguishable.

The only negative I have isn’t against the biscuit itself, but the packaging. Some aspects, like ‘Caramel’ and the health star rating, looks like they’ve gone through a 3D holographic filter. I feel like I’m staring at this bickie through the old-school red and blue 3D glasses from the late 2000’s. Not necessarily something I’ll dock a point for, but a weird detail nonetheless.

Overall, I must eat my earlier words and say that these are a knock-out, for me personally. My only hesitation to give this a high rating would be that I feel less confident they’ll be universally loved, which is the bittersweet truth of a caramel flavour. However, since what I’m constructing is the Definitive Arnott’s Ranking, where my word is law, I’m happy to give these a firm “yes”.